Your help is hurting

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  1. But as Jeff did that, after a couple of years it was the team in Ukraine that eventually said—“

    Jerry: “Your help is hurting.”

    Peter: “Exactly, yeah. And anyone that’s been involved in philanthropy eventually comes to that point. When you try to help, you try to give things, you start to have the consequences. There’s an author Bob Lupton, who really nails it when he says that when he gave something the first time, there was gratitude; and when he gave something a second time to that same community, there was anticipation; the third time, there was expectation; the fourth time, there was entitlement; and the fifth time, there was dependency.

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  2. That's very true. Applies to family as well.
    Gratitude, Anticipation, Expectation, Entitlement, and Dependency.
    If the cord is cut, I would add a final Antipathy.
  3. Good article.