Your opinion about the definite EOD analysis package feature matrix

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by thstart, Jan 30, 2009.

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    Hello forum members,

    I am researching for end of day analysis software and browsing the comments in Rating Software.

    I contacted several forum members directly, got intriguing comments and this encourages me to post on the forum and get more response.

    If you don't mind it would be interesting to know what software you prefer and why.

    Seems to me from the comments in Ratings section that most of the concerns are related to:

    1) lack of reliability
    2) low performance
    3) lack of intuitive UI
    4) using a lot of resource
    5) old code, hard to maintain e.g. difficult to improve.

    Also intriguing is why so many vendors a doing well in the beginning, but their latest versions are not so good. Seems to me this is a common link between all software ratings I read - this tendency of going backward.

    I am doing this research because what I tested up to now is not up to the level - I was trading from 5 years. Being a professional software developer for many years I think there is a room for improvement.

    Currently I am developing a feature matrix what it would be the definite end of day analysis package.

    From forum posts I see there are a lot of very experienced people here which share their opinion so your input will be welcome.
  2. thstart


    I registered recently to Elitetrader forum. Posted this question. Still nobody responded. I am wondering why? A lack of interest?