You're Right About How Wall Street Treats Americans Like 'Costs'

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    Good article thanks for posting it.
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    Here is another article that says it differently:

    The author says that American businesses don't know how to hire good people. I have been waiting for over 40 years to hear somebody else say that.

    The trouble is, even if a good worker does manage to get hired, it never gets any better. All the company cares about is the problem the worker was hired to deal with. If the problem goes away, they no longer need the worker, no matter how hard he worked or how effective he was.
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    it is all about respect.

    people started not respecting bankers and this is now punishment in progress.
  5. +1...nice read

    Funny how Blodget still gets the heat for that infamous Qualcomm $1000 price target by Piecyk.. a call that made more than a few instant millionaires,particularly a few at my trading desk alone.
  6. That is what the Average person deserves.

    If you can't bring anything unique or useful to the table then you should be lucky to eat three meals a day.

    Keep em starving and keep em fit!
  7. ? must be an only child .....born to over-educated, financial professionals and dad are at least 40 years older than you .....your first spoken word was "gwammpa"..... :D
  8. Actually, I am the opposite!

    Grew up in really bad neighborhoods as in drive by shootings and the cops would not dare enter in a single car. Never made it past 6th grade. I am a first generation American and self taught on everything.

    America is the land of opportunity for those who want it bad enough!
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    At my manfacturing company, my customers view my employees as a cost and they are constantly asking for me to drop my prices. Saying "I have to pay a living wage to 5 employees to make your part" doesn't change their mind.
  10. People who keep saying we have to raise wages should try starting a business.
    Like mentioned in chit chat, restaurant workers are unrealistic about increasing wages to $15/hr when average restaurant margins are only 2.4% while labor already consumes 32% of expenses.
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