YouTube Bitcoin scam - they will double the BTC you send to them.

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    • YouTube Bitcoin scam.
    • They will double the BTC you send to them.
    • SpaceX LIVE with Elon Musk

    This has been going on for about 1 year.

  1. Overnight


    Lol, the stream just got shut down due to a copyright claim.
  2. Baron

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    Yeah, they've been doing that scam with a lot of cryptos for the past year. Youtube has really struggled to get that under control.
  3. maxinger


    don't worry too much.
    The scammers target gullible people only.
  4. jys78


    I was going to say, how blind would you have to be to fall for something like this? I know there are always some, but hopefully no "elite" traders! lol
  5. GotherL


    I've seen my fair share of elite traders getting scammed on here. At least 2 of them involved cryptos. o_O
  6. Not sure how anyone would fall for that, but clearly people do.....
  7. maxinger



    Instead of covering their faces, they actually posted their encounters in ET.
  8. NoahA


    I remember a while ago I saw a comment on a Youtube video where the person said that he found an error with one of the exchanges and he was able to get out something like 10x coins. There were of course other comments about how they tried it and it worked. It was a very low viewer count video, and also the comment was only liked several times, so it seemed like this was "hot off the press".

    It linked to instructions on how to do it and I saved the video to watch later. Not that I had any interest, but I was just curious about the process. Of course the video didn't last long, but when I scanned it the first time, it seemed to show the process and the account balances reflecting a 10x gain.

    At the time all of this was so new to me. With all these DEXs around, it seemed possible that there was a bug in some code, and with so many wallets and so many exchanges, who knows what looks legit and what doesn't.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, my very first thought was "wow, someone found a bug, and this is gonna cost someone a lot of money". My next thought was "I wonder how much money people will be able to get out before this bug is found". It perhaps wasn't until I saw the video removed that I realized this is a scam, and once you send or transfer your coins, they are gone forever. So I think its very easy for this to happen to people.

    (It of course also occurred to me, why would someone else share this instead of maximizing the hell out of it, but this wasn't my first thought. Of course now when you know its a scam, its obvious to see why they go to the trouble to make a video to show how it supposedly works instead of spending the time to do it over and over again, but it takes a while for this thought process to kick in)

    Just recently there was a story about some guy losing a 100 ETH NFT because the wallet he used wasn't a real wallet and it was stolen from OpenSea. This was a crypto veteran.

    So to be honest, I only feel comfortable using major exchanges like Kraken, FTX, Kucoin, and slowly learning to use my hardware wallet. These software wallets and DEXs seem like just a disaster waiting to happen unless you're truly a pro and have been at this crypto game for years.
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  9. Nobert


    Oh that easy.
    From time to time, you see people in here, who registered like ~15 years ago & they're still asking beginner level questions, because man is ,,back into the game".

    Probably first time got scammed, then, took 10+ years to get used to it & now back into the game once more, all in with life savings.
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