zero commission prop firms, do they really exist?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by zg81, May 1, 2010.

  1. zg81


    I read a post on this board, and the author claimed that he was paying 0 commission. It sounds unbelievable to me. Do such firms really exist?
  2. Mu$hin


    The lowest i've seen is paramount equity partners. Not sure how they are or heard of any traders from there comenting.

  3. I've heard 20 cents per 1000 nothing lower that i know of. Commisions have to be something there are costs involved.
  4. mews


    A lot of it is psychological, 0 to .0002 per share is out there, but there will almost certainly be some variation of a profit split, misc monthly fees (desk charge, administrative fee etc) or in some cases additional or marked up transaction costs.

    But all firms whether they are broker dealers or other forms of prop shops are a business, there is an overall cost to doing business and firms will find a way to make it or go out of business. If you expect any kind of service from the firm that you are with then sometimes paying a competitive but still normal rate is worth it.
  5. .20 per thousand but the firm may ask you to do over 5 mil shares a month.
  6. zg81


    I know Swift Trade charges 1 cent per 100 shares, so 2 cents per 100 shares is still too expensive. Anyone knows any firm that charges less than Swift Trade?
  7. No sir
  8. ScottSam


    So when are you going to ask firms to pay you 1.00/1000 shares ?
  9. Depending on your floors volume some firms could and do go below .01 per 100 shares. But you are dreaming if you think you are going to get there without at least 250 million shares a month as a floor. The firm does need to make their money as well