Zone Trading/ Kershner Trading?

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    Do a search of Zone trading on here.
  2. I did before I posted. I get hits for everything. The word "trading" seems to show up more than once on this site....funny, eh?

    maybe i'll try some strings: "zone+trading"
  3. why did they change their name??

    do they still have a bad rep like all prior posts suggest??
  4. change the name from what?

  5. "2006 Zone Trading Partners, LLC renamed Kershner Trading Group, LLC. Press Release"
  6. Kershner is hard to remember, I guess
  7. anything new here about Zone/Kershner?

  8. Andy Kershner is (was?) a great trader. Traded size profitably and consistently.

    He is rigid in heis training and risk tolerances. If your personality and style jibe with his, you will be in a great place. If not, you will be miserable.

    Andy himself is a very honorable guy.
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