Zone Trading/ Kershner Trading?

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  1. Is Bob still at Zone?
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  2. I worked there for a spell, I can tell anybody they want to know.

    You can trade however you want, you can make one trade a day if you want. However, here's the catch: if you can't trade profitably, you will quit or get canned. If you can trade well, you can walk in butt naked and nobody's going to say a word.

    Since most people think they can trade better than they do...i.e. profitably, they come up with this "I don't want to daytrade, I'm more of a Swing Trader" crap. Lose that attitude or you ain't gonna make it. Be like clay, and let a succesful trader show you how to do it. If your coach trades 300K shares a day and brings home 400 Grand, just shut your hole and try to learn something.

    That is the biggest reason people don't make it. They get paired with a coach that MAKES MONEY, and there are a couple of guys bringing home 800K a year, and then they decide there gonna try and do things THEIR OWN way without knowing squat. These people quit fast when they find out they can't make a paycheck. The second biggest reason why people don't make it is because they just don't "get it". Not everybody is cut out to be a big money trader, or even someone who can make a living out of it. Hey, I want to flap my arms and fly too, been dreaming of it since I was a kid. Ain't gonna happen.

    Kershner is the only Prop in town, true Prop. I wasn't a big fan of them when I left, and they did piss off a few traders, but I'll bet that half of you would like their integrity. They may be a bit goofy, but they're honest.

    My .02
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  3. newtrdr


    Anyone heard about them - good, bad or ugly would like to know.
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  4. They are expanding from what I heard with an operation over in Singapore (and trying to get traders to go over there if they want).
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    Do you know anything about their Austin office? What is the split like? Know anyone who worked there?
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  6. Just go call Chrissy. She should be more comfortable now :)
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  7. care to enlighten?
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  8. edit..
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  9. Thanks Robbie..Shanghi not Singapore..with HK opening soon..

    HK would be nice for a few months for a change of pace. :D
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  10. Like I said in an earlier post: Chrissy was quite short with me, however I feel that it came from an unfamiliarity with the territory.

    It was on the edge of being unprofessional. She had only been there a few months, though.
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