Zone Trading/ Kershner Trading?

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  1. Anybody care to comment on the income stream typically seen there? I would image there's a high attrition rate for new hires.

    So excluding the traders who don't make it past the first three months, how much can the typical trader expect to make?

    note- I'm not familiar with the commissions or splits as I am currently a financial advisor looking to change careers.

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  2. mloski


    Anywhere from nothing to several million.
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  3. Whats the average or mode though?
    Say first 6 months?
    First 12 months?
    First 2 years?

    I know the potential to make bukus of moola is there, but i'm more interested in what the income curve looks like for a rookie (that dosen't drop out after 6 months) at certain time periods.

    Is there not a common income progression when someone starts out?
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  4. Can't speak for Kershner but I've been around the block and know LOTS of traders from guys who blew out of the business or are about to blow out and surviving on their last few K... to multimillionaires... and I can tell you there are no accurate generalizations that can be made about the typical income stream after X amount of time. The mean and median are going to vary immensely.

    Everyone brings different traits to the table.

    I know you just want a simple answer but what I'm saying is if the average guy has made -$4800 in 6 months, +$23,400 in 12 months, and +$105,000 in 24 months... the probability that your results would be remotely similar to that "average" is very low. (These numbers I pulled out of my ass.)

    I don't mean this in a rude or offensive way at all, but you might be looking for more certainty than you will ever able to find. I would look at the situation as "Do a few guys make HUGE money? OK. Are those guys smarter than me? Are they privy to information I will not be able to gain by looking at public data?" If the answer to those last two questions is "no" then I'd give it a shot based on that.

    Again, my comments are (accurate) generalizations about the industry and not specific (or necessarily applicable) to Kershner trading... a firm I know nothing about.
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    Exactly what he said in the 2nd to last paragraph.
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