Zumo and Generic trade

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by pma, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Is there any reason to chose one over the other for futures trading? Besides the 9 cent difference in commissions that is (They are both FCMs of Ironbeam) Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
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    What products do you plan to trade?
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    CL,NG, and NQ :D
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    Does anybody have any first hand experience with either of these firms?
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    If you are only going to trade the liquid futures mentioned above, they might be OK.

    The price is right, but I downloaded a demo of the FireTip software in Oct or Nov (from Zumo) and was underwhelmed. They said they had just upgraded it but I didn't like it. The charts were bare bones with only a handful of adjustments/indicators and they were poorly designed - a lot of wasted space at the bottom of each chart.

    The quote/watch lists were OK, the DOM seemed fast enough, but I only tried it with a couple of simple fake orders.

    They had some pre-formatted futures spreads which could be a time saver, but what made me lose interest completely were their options chains, or lack thereof. No impl vol, no greeks, and a complicated, slow way of finding the (basic) chains in the first place.

    So, if you're a short term trader and the price is what attracts you, maybe they're worth a shot, but they're not the place for trade research, for options, or for trade mgmt/portfolio review.
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    Brighton-thanks for the reply :D I only trade futures outright,no options,so maybe it will be O.K. Anyone else?
  8. I still have an account at Generic Trade and do mostly Indices and Currencies - just futures. The platforms do not have as many features as Ninja or TT that I've used before, but for my kind of trading (100-500/day off of dome), their 'Generic Trader Pro' has worked out well for me.