Scalping is Risky?

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  1. Many traders talk about scalping, but rarely anyone states what is scalping.

    For example, if you scalp what will be your risk vs reward per trade on average.
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  3. In personal experience and opinion.

    I am starting to think scalping is a better way to make money in day trading.
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  4. yes , agree with you , for day trading scalping is really appropriate.
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    Curious if you guys don't mind, do your rigs, that'd be hardware, comm links, platforms, front ends, the whole magilla, do your rigs provide speed enough to trade Fast charts and get execution orders where they need to go toot sweet, like in a new york second?

    Have you ever SIM traded the nq open from about 9:29:59 to 9:45 and beyond with scalpinoptic intent?
    That might be a fun thing to try for grins for five or ten days, keep records and see how you like it. The following is mentioned in case you go for FAST charts, like 15 second candles, or tick charts, and so forth, your rig may be configured to refresh the data at a more frequent interval than current settings permit, eg My charts aren't set up to do much less than 30 second candles, download refresh rates, etc could reduce that significantly, and so on, hell, my IB data feed has bars that change after a few minutes go by, lol, but looking back it turns out that the win rate stays just as good with what i see, so, no harm no foul.
    ...I mention that because your rig may not be optimized for speedy update of chart candles, etc. - there may be a performance burden associated with the speediest of data refresh rates, but you can always reset the parameters back to a slower setting if this method ain't the bees knees after all, however if you don't give it a fair shake with your tools sharpened to the best of a beginners quick and dirty look see, you may overlook a niche that you have the knack for. Somebody's gotta do it, beleee dat! I hope you two give it a try. First you don't know, then you knowwww. Break A Leg.
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  6. easymon1,

    No need for all the fancy computer stuff and speed. 1 computer and screen will do.

    I am testing out a scalping method where I risk 20 (depending on price action structure at the time) ticks to make 10 ticks. RR=0.5.
    2 trades per day, only trade when market is trending. Small time frame candle chart.

    Yes, I will need a high win rate, above 80%. But this may be good for my mental/personality and it is worth a try.
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    you might not have time to be perusing multi screens, lol.
    if your rig configuration is fast enough for you, good.
    over and out.
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  10. from last couple of weeks i got some losses by scalping, actually scalping can make you profitable and loser also. but overall not bad.
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