So what does everyone think about Wide Range Bar analysis?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by FortuneTeller, Jan 6, 2021.

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    But always remember, Targets are only valid after they've been hit, and there might be a better target.
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    Ok, but if you change your candlestick timeframe to a smaller timeframe, a WRB will not "become a NRB" as you stated (unless you're including a gap). Imo, it'll become a *series* of two or more bars. And depending on your definition of what is "wide," "narrow," and "medium," it'll become a series of bars consisting of any possible combination/permutation of any or all of the three -- WRB, NRB and MRB. Never just one NRB, and very rarely even all NRBs, since by most people's definition, they simply won't "add up" to a WRB. (Again, unless you're including gaps).
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  4. Some use wide range bars for targets like I showed in that chart above. IF no wide range bars show up, it's a good idea to get out with a small wrb or just get the hell out if price stalls. And yes, you can hold for a PT 2 or longer if the price action warrants it so trailing your stop is a good idea. With trading ES, it likes to snapback a lot so it's usually a good thing to take a profit when it is staring you in the face.
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  5. I totally agree.
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  7. So what happened after the Wide Range Bar profit taking:

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    Doesn't look like tradeable live info to me, it's the normal obvious after the fact, useless live, so the only way to make $$$$$s is to setup a site and sell the concept to no clue newbies because it's obvious after but there fault they cant see live lol
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    FortuneTeller will not post live trades of him using Wide Range Bar Analysis...he can only post hindsight chart analysis (after the fact). :wtf:

    There's no edge there for him with Wide Range Bar Analysis. He should move on to another trade method. Maybe try price moving average indicators like EMA / WMA...I heard that's working well these days.

    Even better, he should start a trade journal instead of posting hindsight chart analysis or delayed live calls (minutes or days late)...

    Maybe he should go to E2T because I heard they are really good at helping clueless traders.

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